Ready 5

Instant Brand in 3-2-1

The Fit

Brand Strategy, Naming, Logo Design, Website Design, Copy & Development, POS Development

The Challenge

Our partners at Frontline Insurance needed to create a Restoration Services company fast and from scratch. The opportunity was there to add value to their customers, but aside from their category expertise, there was nothing to work with.

The Process

Working with our clients, we first developed a high-level brand strategy that helped to define their vision, mission, and purpose. We quickly identified a commitment to their military roots as a key differentiator for this fledgling company. From there, it was off to the races.

The Solution

The first thing we worked on was the naming project, quickly landing on “READY 5”, a common military term signifying that the crew should be ready to be deployed in 5 minutes. Next was a logo exploratory aimed at incorporating elements of military insignia, as well as references to the speed of service (something we were quite familiar with). Even before we launched the website, we designed and wrapped the very first service van and a pickup truck and created a simple two-page brochure. The business was officially OPEN! The only thing left to do (for the time being) was write, design, code, and launch the website. All in all, we went from the initial client request to fully operational business in under five weeks.

The Solution

Too early to report, but within 21 days the business was operating at ABOVE peak capacity and expansion plans were already in the works.

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